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About me

2023, Sep 24    
growing kelp

Hi, my name is Marin Petrov. I love art, technology and people. It has always been challenging to combine all three in a single vocation, because the world usually tries to keep them separate. Even I keep them semantically separate here by using three words to describe “them”. Yet, I think “they” are all the same thing, looking at it from three different perspectives. Here is how they are all related. Our need to connect with people is what makes us seek and make art. Technology is just another word for “craft” or “art”. We make art and technology to connect. From the hand paintings on the walls of Lascaux. To the handshake of the “TCP/IP” protocol. We have always made art and technology with the single human need to connect with each other.

Visa (Visakan Veerasamy) wrote this in his book “Introspection”:

“And you know who’s always got your back? Artists. Musicians. Authors. Poets. People have been making art for millennia, sometimes in the darkest of times. Olivier Messiaen composed “Quartet for the End of Time” while he was interred in a German camp during World War II. Why do they do it? They do it for you. They do it to ease your burden, to soothe your spirit on this absurd voyage we call life.”

I am currently working in a “product” role, facilitator and coach at Camplight, on designing and creating our own software products which all facilitate human collaboration.

I was very fortunate to have worked at one of the best animation studios in the world on features like “Ice Age”, “Rio”, “Ferdinand” and many more.

I also co-founded a remote self-managed VR Game Studio and a remote self-managed software company called RGBNotes, which later merged with Nimble Collective and then acquired by Amazon AWS. The product I worked on is now part of Amazon Nimble Studio. You can read more about this story here.

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